Friday, October 10, 2008

Slap: Bed of Nails

An Index of Abstract Electronics
Duotone Records (DUO-08)
Originally Released 1987

Stephen Nester co-founder of The Happiness Boys, known for their relentless instrumental electronic music that eschewed commercialism, eventually evolved his work into SLAP. Between the years of 1984 and 1987 Nester worked on his solo project SLAP with minimal support from others. There are appearances by others on his albums but these are primarily solo works. One notable collaborator however would be Vicki Richards - violin - whom many may recognize for her work with the Florida based band Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Nester introduced Richards to the band whom she collaborated with multiple times and whose appearance on this compilation of tracks adds a haunting measure similar, if not more dissonant, than her work with BTFABG. Bed of Nails serves as somewhat of a diary of Nester's work during this period in the 80's. One could easily site many influences, from ultra pop electronic pioneers to lesser known acts such as Tuxedomoon. The elements of deep emotional soundtracks are sometimes suppressed by the limitations of the equipment used for electronic music at the time, however, this still serves as a missing link of sorts in the electronic, experimental, industrial, post punk music era. If you find this interesting I would highly recommend exploring - that reads as purchasing - ARC00012 Ghost Stories CD (Projekt: Archive, 1982-94) from Projeckt Records.

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Henry Warwick said...

Agreed. SLAP was one of the few walking that electronic noise edge in the 80s. I have the SLAP LP "Songs from the Cross" which is also very good.