Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charles Ives: Sonate No 1 - Three-Page Sonata - The Anti Abolitionist Riots - Etude No. 20

Accord Musidisc (France)

I am going to continue in the theme with another French release from 1990/91. Charles Ives' first sonata was started in 1901 and composed over the course of 8 years and was not performed for the first time until 40 years later. The sonata itself is best described in the liner notes:

"More than Schoenberg, Bartok or Janacek, Ives, in relative isolation, broke with the conventions and with the very language of the piano. The intensity, boldness and organic force of this score, its wild experiments, diversions and detours, its lack of propriety, still have all the pugnacity and insolence."

Other pieces included on this recording were written during the time when Ives was completing Sonata No 1. Many of the similarities between these pieces provide insight on the composer's state of mind at the time; " particular his delight in experimentation and the use of unheard of devices demolishing the romantic piano and creating a vernacular for American popular music."

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