Saturday, October 11, 2008

Screamers Original Soundtrack by Luciano Michelini

Whenever a movie has more than six names you have to start to worry a little bit - and sometimes even more so about the quality of its elements. That may not be so with Screamers, Sergio Martino's 1979 fantasy-horror-adventure (AKA L'Isola degli Uomini Pesce The Island of the Fishmen, Island of Mutations and on and on and on).

Luciano Michelini is probably more known right now for his contributions to the soundtrack to Curb Your Enthusiasm but previously has been known as one of Rome's busiest cinema musicians. Michelini started his career in the early 1960's when he scored many of the "sword and sandal" films. He has also been known to arrange background msuic for top Italian singers and voal groups.

Album coordinator Jim Wynorski's notes on the back cover of this album says it best ...

"But enough's about time to slip this record onto your turntable, turn up the volume, and let your ears take the mind on an incredible, unforgettable journey. But be wanred: SCREAMERS music may actually turn you inside out."

listen and be turned inside out

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Anonymous said...

Arrived here via looking for The Hellstrom Chronicle Lalo Schifrin, thanks for your great taste, & effort.