Friday, October 10, 2008

Markus Schmickler: Onea Gako

Odd Size Records - Paris
Released 1993

Just about 15 years ago my friend Laurent Pernice, overlord of Odd Size Records, whom I have not seen since, had stayed in my home for - well - quite some time. He had somehow gotten a hold of a bottle of Chateau Margeaux which he shared with us on his final night and it will probably be one of the few I ever drink in my life. Upon polishing off that lovely bottle of silky wonder, he handed me this release from his label which had somehow escaped us the entire time he stayed in our home.
While he was with us that year Laurent, myself and my wife went to raves, live techno, old school noise shows, rock bands - you name it. We were pretty much out in the clubs every night taking in something. Laurent liked everything and I know that's why he released this album. This album is as much ambient as it is industrial, as it is classical, as it is metal, as it is prog. There are a fistful of genres explored here that's for sure - and it freakin' rocks. Trombone, viola, double bass, drums, clarinet - and it rocks and in an entirely different way than you would expect. Holy crap on a pita! This release was actually way ahead of its time even in 1993 - and if released today would probably garner some attention. If you consider that the grunge era was pretty much ushered in at this point and think back to what you were listening to and hearing at the time this may surprise you a bit. Of particular interest also is the inclusion of C-Schulz in the lineup who at about the same time appeared on Extreme Records with some fairly intriguing work of his own.

listen to Onea Gako here

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