Friday, November 28, 2008

Ear|Trumpet - Bring on the Dirt

Data Terminal Systems Records - DTS|001
London, England

Stephen S.: organ piano, synth
Neil M.: vocals, drums, organ, tapes
Tony B.: bass, organ
Geoff V.: bass
BC Gilbert: guitar
Gary G.: dolak

This album has been a long time resident of my record collection, having braved great tortures since the late 80's when it was acquired and ignored for almost 15 years until recently.

What do you get when you take a Tony Barber of the Buzzcocks, BC Gilbert of Wire/Dome/Wir etc etc, and Steve Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees/The Glove and mix them together with a few other sordid chaps. actually get an album that serves as a reference point for what a lot of others would do and as a historical document of what many had done already. Suprisingly, it isnt a fearful pseudo-goth celebration of drab masturbatory illness.

This album sits in a dark stew of possibilities and presents itself as some bizarre missing link of alternative art rock. One part Wire, one part Fall, a dash of PIL, a tip of the hat to Bauhaus...there are so many bits and pieces of the easily recognized sounds of this time period but it plays as original. I really didn't think this album would stand the test of time but when I placed it on the turntable I was more than pleasantly surprised. I have always been surprised that I do not see Ear|Trumpet in more record collections and, cited more as an influence or recognized for it's "supergroup(?)" qualities.

Well then - have a taste of Ear|Trumpet


Tiani's Grandad said...

Tis me the Tony B of the Ear Trumpet record! Im curious: How did you know it was Tony B ; Buzzcocks bassist??
That record was 6 years before i even joined BC's?!
You made my night.
Blogspots are the absolute best!!
(No i wasn't vainly googling myself!! Im looking for jpegs of all the records ive produced for a website im building!)
all the best
tony buzzcock at g mail dot com

Alan Herrick said...

I thought more people would have remembered the Buzzcocks :-) instead of referencing Selofane Seventyfour, Glen Matlock and the Philistines or Airport. Thanks for dropping by!!

cnow77 said...

I'm sure you get asked this all the time on other posts, but if it's at all possible, could you re-post this album sometime. I haven't heard it in ages and I'm quite surprised to see it posted at all. I'm a big fan of Bruce Gilbert and haven't heard this in years.

If you don't do re-posts, I understand. Great blog by the way.

Any Instant said...

yeah, please repost. I only have "No Spill Over" .... from an old cassette compilation.

Super Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Hello there. Thanks for all the awesome posts and histories. Per chance are you able to re-upload this album as it is quite impossible to find? Cheerio!

Anonymous said...

hello there, any chance for a re-up?