Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Music: The Alternative 10 - Volume II, 1984

Various Artists: Art of Noise, Romeo Void, Hoodoo Gurus, Robert Gorl, Split Enz, Jimmy and the Suspects

Radio Free America

Marilyn Pittman's radio television career span over two decades. From rock jock in Albuquerque to work as talk show host, stand-up comic, and commentator in San Francisco she is a versatile and dynamic media personality.

Marilyn didn't want to be a waitress at the age of 40, so she got into radio and spent four years in classic rock and pop radio. In 1980 and '81, she was a radio and television news anchor but decided she would pursue comedy instead.

Due to the lack of comedic outlets in Albuquerque she reinvented herself as an independent radio producer and created Radio Free America's "New Music: The Alternative Ten", a half-hour mix of new wave music and interviews nationally syndicated on over 300 college station in 1983-'84.

This particular episode Volume II, 1984 featured Music by the Split Enz, Hoodoo Gurus, Robert Gorl, Jimmy and the Suspects and a few special treats as well. Deborah Iyall, singer and lyricist for Romeo Void chats with Marilyn Pittman about the then new "Instincts" LP and how it came to be.

Also included in the show is a unique "collage" of the Art of Noise's LP "Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise" and Producer John Riegler's experimental sound adventures through the Jungle's of El Dorado.

All of this is brought to you courtesy of the new (in 1984) Today Contraceptive Sponge!

have a listen to "New Music: The Alternative 10 - Volume II, 1984"

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Greetings. I just discovered your blog today, and while I haven't had the chance to browse through the entirety of your archives, I must say that I'm enjoying what I see so far. It appears to be a regular treasure trove of rare gems. I wanted to inform you that the download link for this album is no longer working. I would really like to listen to this. I was hoping you would be willing to re-upload this, and if so, would you care to leave a message in the comments section of my own blog if you are able to? I learned a long time ago that I'm very forgetful when it comes to remembering which posts on which blogs that I left comments on, which led to me missing out on many of the albums I requested to be re-uploaded. Again, thank you for all the amazing music you have shared here. I'm going to resume browsing through your archives now. Take care.


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