Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HWYL: The Intimate Texture of Sound

Various Artists

1987 HWYL Records

While sometimes bordering on new-agey, don't let this release fool you. This compilation of atmospheric music released by Steve Parry in 1987, is best described by his liner notes:

"For many years I have been interested in the concept of atmospheric music. HWYL has been created to promote and release original music from a musical idiom employing classical, primitive, jazz, folk, minimalism, instrumental modern to future forms of music. Music conceived through emotion to evoke emotion. As are the creative and compositional boundaries of this music limitless then so are the listeners interpretation of them.

Sound is ever present, at times we are simply unaware of its being. Silence has characteristic qualities unto its own.

This music encompasses both sound and silence. Music to create or enhance an atmosphere. Perceive then this sound as your own."

Steve Parry, Director HWYL York 1987

1.Side A Trevor Stainsby , Richard Hall Desert Sunrise (1:22)
2.Side A Gilbert Isbin When It's Over (3:37)
3.Side A Steve Jadd* Solitary Lands (4:46)
4.Side A Gary Caulfield Sanctuary (3:35)
5.Side A Dafydd Pierce Wood Nymphs (Tylwyth Teg) (2:29)
6.Side A Trevor Stainsby Full Moon Over Still Waters (4:11)
7.Side A Gramophone Society, The Patagonia (3:18)
1.Side B Martin Coles Heaven's Gate (3:56)
2.Side B Max Inca Dreaming In The Azure Forest (4:01)
3.Side B Tranceport Chrona (3:24)
4.Side B Kevin O'Neill Intimations Of Immortality (4:07)
5 Side B Jenny Curtis Dolphin (4:48)
6.Side B Myth Gestalt Surrounded By Shadows (4:16)

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