Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Various Artists: The Peter Fonda Album

10’’ vinyl LP (25cm) * Original 1994 issue * CONTAINS XEROX BOOKLET

This gem of a 10" was purchased at the original Aquarius Records location in San Francisco in 1994. It was most likely not purchased and more likely a trade at the time as I remember being somewhat overwhelmed with my record collection and was really trading in extras of rare items and miscellaneous junk so I could dump new sounds into my ears every week.

At the time there was this silly little garage-psych type revival going on and what better than to do a 10" slab of vinyl garage-psyche tribute to Peter Fonda? Every band included is from San Francisco and most had only cassettes available on the market at the time. There is also an association here to underground filmmaker John Moritsugu. Moritsugu's films were defined by their "lo-fi" aesthetic, and often shot on very poor, 16mm film stock to give them a homemade, muddled quality. Moritsugu's films were absurdist comedies - seems like this project is an extension of that same idea. Several tracks were also produced by Paul Hoaglin who made a name for himself over time as a producer and member of The Mother Hips. I still am not sure why but it seemed reasonable at the time. Either way you cant beat a 6-track 10" hose cover is just a simple folded printed piece of heavy stock in two colors ink (ugly red and black). had a small booklet to! 8.5x11 folded xeroxed cut and paste typewriter wonder graphics and scrawls - cool!

This is still a cool piece of vinyl to break out every so often on a rainy Sunday and still holds up as a cool piece of San Francisco nostalgia from the time period. K-Tel Wet Dream's track Sissy Bar will just warp your head and the Zip Code Rapists contribution Her Majesty is really a cover you just couldn't imagine if you tried.

1. Fondu : Peter Fonda!?

2. Benjamin Kitestring : Feel So Good

3. Moritsugu, Jon : Where It Goes Down

4. Broom : Pumpkin Eater

5. K-Tel Wet Dream : Sissy Bar

6. Zip Code Rapists : Her Majesty

Enjoy the tribute to Peter the Great


Dave said...

Hello there,
Anyway you could repost the Peter Fonda Album 10"? I had this record back in the day and remembering loving it. I have searched for years to find it. My ex-wive took it in our final record swap! Please consider it! Thanks.

Holly said...

What Dave said (except for the wife part) ;-)
5+ years since initial posting - yikes! so I know this request is a stretch, but hope springs eternal.